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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Teaser Tuesday

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For today's Teaser Tuesday, I'm excited to bring you one of my favorite scenes from 'Losing Lauren'-


Danny is one of my favorite bad boys. ;)




Lauren comes halfway down the stairs about five minutes later. She’s still in her dress. “Is it cool if I take a shower?” I shake off the image of my lucky bar of soap getting to slide against her naked body in my new shower. I haven’t even showered in there yet. She’ll be the first. And, the first girl I’ve let stay the night, in my clothes no less. Even Superman had kryptonite, and I’m definitely not made of steel.

“Of course,” I say and my voice cracks. “There are some towels in the cabinet. Do you need anything?” My feet shuffle the full way closing the distance between the bottom stair and me.

“No, I just think I’ll feel better with a shower,” she says and comes down one more step. And I take one step up; we are just three steps apart now. She looks like the weight of the world is off her shoulders being here. She’s not tense or reserved like she has been. She’s breathing easier and I am too, until she steps down another step, closing the gap even more.

Then I say something stupid, real stupid. “I’m sorry about tonight. If I could’ve stopped it from happening, I would’ve.” Open mouth, insert entire shoe store.

“Uh, yeah. I know,” she says, and this intimate moment is ruined. She lets out a deep breath and I want to take back every word I just said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to …” I say closing the gap even more and taking another step up. Showing her this is what I want, she is what I want, and I’m offering her everything I have, everything I am- the good, the bad … and the stupid.



What do you think? Who is your favorite bad boy?


much love-



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As of today, I am officially an Indie Author! I have re-released 'The Crescent' and 'Half Moon' with new covers and new pricing! You can now pick up these books on Amazon, BN, Smashwords, and Apple!


Much Love-





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It's here! It's here!


I have been waiting so long to share this with you! Here is the awesome cover for LOSING LAUREN- the second book in the 'Lauren' Series!



Isn't it beautiful! Want more? How about the back cover!!!

Dealing with the ill-fated decision to go to Lauren’s birthday party and finally deciding to let her go has been harder than Danny Cummings ever thought it could be. Faced with his final year at Mountain View High, Danny is struggling with what he should do versus what he wants to do; although doing the right thing has never been Danny’s strong suit. The idea that Josh has stolen another girl from his life has Danny more than ready to jump back into the fray and worry about the consequences later.

Lauren thought her life had ended the night of her sixteenth birthday party when the world came crashing down around her resulting in the ultimate battle between Josh and Danny. Trying to refocus on school and her goals is all she wants for her junior year of high school. But the fact is, tempting memories of Danny make it hard for her to make the right choice.

The initial battle for Lauren’s affections is over; but the battle is really just beginning.

Still want more? How about a contest!


Just leave a comment on this post to be entered! You could win a Exclusive Origami Owl Necklace designed and inspired by LOSING LAUREN, a $25 Amazon Gift Card and an Advance E-Arc of LOSING LAUREN! (Pretty sweet prizes right?)

**Special Thanks to Mistry Bradley with Origami Owl for her consultation and design work! You can find her at: or on Twitter @O2_Designer

Want more entries? Here's how:

+1 leaving a comment on tomorrows Cover Reveal Post! (don't forget to include your email)

+1 Becoming a member of the website

+1 Tweeting/linking the reveal post

+5 Posting/linking the reveal to your Facebook

+5 Posting/linking the reveal post to your blog

+15 Becoming a *NEW* member of the Wolf Pack and get special access to content, swag, videos and much more!


So- there are lots of opportunities for entries! To become a member of the Wolf Pack Street Team- please email me at


Don't forget to put your linkies and email in your comments to this post! Random drawing will be held next Sunday. Winner will be notified by email and announced here!


Good luck everyone.

Much Love-



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Hey everyone!


Tomorrow I am excited to bring you the beautiful new cover of LOSING LAUREN! In honor of the reveal, I'll be hosting a giveaway!

Are you interested in winning an Origami Owl necklace inspired by the book? Plus a $25 Amazon gift card and an advance E-Arc of LOSING LAUREN?

The contest will be going from tomorrow morning until Midnight next Saturday!

Here's how the entries are going to work:

+1 leaving a comment on tomorrows Cover Reveal Post!

+1 Becoming a member of the website

+1 Tweeting/linking the reveal post

+5 Posting/linking the reveal to your Facebook

+5 Posting/linking the reveal post to your blog

+15 Becoming a *NEW* member of the Wolf Pack


So- there are lots of opportunities for entries! To become a member of the Wolf Pack Street Team- please email me at


Wanna see the necklace? Here it is!! It is an Origami Owl exclusive necklace with the initials D and L in rhinestones, the word "LOVE" and a white rose!




Much Love-


Chapter by Chapter

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Hey gang,


I'm excited to announce I will be attending the Chapter by Chapter Book event in NYC next year (September 19th thru September 21st).

Please make sure you head over to for more information on the event. There will be more than 60 authors, bowling, a fun center and much more! The ladies at TriniDee events and Author Jennifer Armentrout (Aka J.Lynn) are excited to be able to offer this unique experience- plus the event is TOTALLY FREE! (Can't beat that- right?)


Hope to see everyone there! More events and signings will be coming soon-


Much Love,


Street Team!

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey everyone,

So I have decided to start a Jordan Deen Street Team !

Street Team Members will receive:

Exclusive Welcome Package including swag and goodies just for the blogger.

Premier access to Videos, Cover Releases and Swag!

Access to books prior to release including signed books for giveaways!

Tweets and RT's on Twitter and Promotions to your blogs on my Fan Page and Website!

There are lots more items that will be made directly available for members of the street team.

Please email me at for more information and please spread the word!

Much Love-



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As many of you know, I had the pleasure of attending the Houston Book Rave this past weekend.


There are so many things that made this event completely rock. So- here are just a few:


1) I received a wonderful piece of swag! (Which was quiet backwards for me) It's this so cute little duckie! He lights up and his hair sways... I love distractions and he delivers in 2 ways! Not just one.



2) I had the pleasure of meeting several authors that I deeply admire. Here are a few: Jennifer Armentrout, Sofie Jordan, Rachel Vincent, Lisa Desrochers, Rose Garcia, Miranda Kavi, Andrea Heltsley, Jordan Dane (my evil twin), and last but definitely not least: J.A. Souders.

(Getting ready for the event)


3) I got to meet some fantastic bloggers too! Including the beautiful ladies at Joyfully Reviewed (, J.Hooligan from One More Chapter (, Damaris from Good Choice Reading (, Trini from A Book Lovers Review ( My girl Misty from Kindle Obsessed ( , Savannah at Books with Bite (, Julie from Chapter Break ( and there are so many more that I didn't write down in all of my haste to enjoy meeting and talking to everyone! If I've missed you I am truly sorry!


(Julie from Chapter Break and me)

(Photo courtesy of Joyfully Reviewed)


Some random pictures!

(Julie from Chapter Break, myself and J.Hooligan from One More Chapter)


(My Party Room Mates Author Miranda Kavi, Julie from Chapter Break and Author Andrea Heltsley)


(My Swag Table in the party room)

(Some of the crowd at the beginning of the event! There were so many people!)


These are pretty much all the pictures I have found so far. However, as I find more, I will post them! I had a blast this weekend and huge thanks goes to Damaris and Trini for all their organization and for the invite to come to Houston for this amazing event. Also, to my "whipping boy" Chayse (Books with Bite)- thank you for all your help mister. It was great to meet you!


Many more events are coming soon. Please make sure you follow me on Twitter for announcements!


Much love-


Houston Book Rave

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Howdy Y'all!


I've had the pleasure of being invited down to Houston for the most awesome Houston Book Rave on November 5th! Please stop by my table, say HI, pick up some swag and let me sign your books, shirts, foreheads... you know- whatever!


For more information- you can go here:


Posted on July 22, 2013 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everyone!


This is just going to be a "run-by-blogging"...

I got a release date on Losing Lauren! DECEMBER 5, 2013!




I can't wait to share more of Danny and Lauren's story with you!


Much Love-



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