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Happy Black Friday Everyone!


To celebrate everyone's favorite shopping day of the year, I'm offering all of my eBooks on Amazon from now through Cyber Monday at only .99!


All sale books can be found on my Amazon Author Page:


Please spread the word!


Happy Holidays everyone-


Much Love,




Houston Book Rave

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I can't believe this year is almost over! With that being said, my last official event of the year is in two days! 'Houston Book Rave' is a ginormous and amazing signing hosted  by Author Jennifer Armentrout. This year, the marked men will be there and there will lots of Authors, goodies being given away, raffles, prizes and more!


If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you still can here:


Hope to see you all there!


Much love,



Tomorrow is the big day!

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Today is officially the last day to get your Preorder in for #303RedDead! Please spread the word and be ready to post your reviews up for this Scary Halloween Story! I hope you love the spookiness AND feel good about 100% of the purchase price going to charity!


Much Love,



303 Red Dead Lane Book Trailer is now live!

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I am excited to announce I am working in collaboration with Author Kristie Cook to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. October is awareness month for both and we want to make sure we bring as much exposure to these two causes as possible!


We will be hosting a Facebook Auction featuring items donated by some of your favorite Authors!


More information can be found here:


Please spread the word and plan on joining us on October 27, 2014 for Giveaways, Take Overs, Teasers, and Amazing Auction Items!!!


Much Love,



303 Red Dead Lane is now available for Preorder!

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Hey guys,


I'm very excited to announce that my compilation story with Authors Elizabeth Sharp and Emma Bloom is now available for preorder!


Here's the synopsis:


Just in time for Halloween, we bring you three interlocking stories featuring one very haunted house.


Evil has a new address...


For over a century, evil has dwelled in the house on Red Lane, or Red Dead Lane as the locals call it. As one family after another meets with misfortune inside the aging Victorian, it has fallen into disrepair. Forgotten. Waiting.


When the Maxwell family moved in, they were running from a long string of bad decisions. But their hope is quickly squashed by the evil. When police are summoned one summer night, all they find is violence and mysteries. Can they figure it out before the house kills again?


The Prestons hoped some distance would help their teenage daughter find her way out of trouble, but instead they wound up heaping it on. When a horrific crime leaves a fifteen year old girl facing a prison sentence, the truth can only make things worse for her.


The Lewis family made their living buying and restoring houses, but the sprawling manor house just might push them to their limit. Can they overcome the evil that has taken so many before them, or will they just be the latest victims.


All proceeds of this novel are going to benefit Domestic Violence Awareness Charities.


You can now pick it up for preorder on Amazon:


The cover reveal will be on October 17th!


Please spread the word!





Happy #LetItGo Day!

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Happy #LetItGo Day!


Today is a day to celebrate the power that comes from letting go of pain, frustration, anger, loss, regret, grudges.. everything that you feel is holding you back from moving into a positive, peaceful future.


Here is some of the motivation behind today:


#‎LetITGo‬ day all stemmed from Ann Aguirre's title, I WANT IT THAT WAY. One of the characters finds freedom when he lets something go that he had been holding on to. In the book, you see him physically do something to represent the act of letting it go and then finding peace. While reading, the wheels started turning! We all need to have a day to let things go. We've all had those moments when things play over and over in our head, when we hear the whispers of being told we're not good enough, when we find ourselves paralyzed by something. Some of us are affected by this in ways we think others could not possibly understand. So...#LetItGo day was formed. In the midst of ugly and dark things happening all around, we want to focus on freedom and finding peace. And September 3rd, 2014 is that day. The sky is the limit in how you want to celebrate and share it with your readers and followers on your blog and social media. Tell what freedom and peace mean to you, Tell about a time you had to #LetItGo, take pics of you doing a #LetItGo ceremony. Whatever...but this world has a lot of heartache. And we don't have to hold on to things.


Huge thank you to Kelly Brenner Simmon at Ink Slinger PR for organizing today. What an amazing idea! I know there are things in our lives that seem insurmountable. But, I can tell you now- THEY AREN'T. You can overcome anything you put your mind to. So, join me today in embracing #LetItGo Day and do just that-- LET IT GO.


Remember- don't keep looking to the don't live there anymore.


Much Love-


Jordan Deen




'Breaking Lauren' is now on sale!

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Great news everyone! 'Breaking Lauren' is now on a Kindle Countdown Deal for $.99! This sale is only for August 18th to August 25th!


You can pick up your copy here:


Much love,



**VERY** Exciting News!

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Three Young Adult Authors Walk into a Book Store... and Come Out Managing a Publishing House!

That's very nearly what recently happened to young adult authors Shannon Delany, Judith Graves, and Jen Murgia except there was no book store and they don't live close enough to do much "in real life" together. "That's the great thing about technology and social media," Delany laughs.


"This all began because I opened my mouth on Facebook and it earned me a phone call. I was toying with the idea of founding my own little publishing house and Judith Graves contacted me. After a few emails and one fateful phone call the ball was rolling!"


Graves, a longtime Leap author (and a respected script writer and author with additional houses) suggested she and Delany team up and take over the SHINE e-novella line she was building through established small publisher Leap Books LLC.


When owner Laurie Edwards heard about it, she suggested they take on the entire company. Not long after, Delany found herself the owner and publisher of the well-loved house with Graves as her very capable co-publisher.


But the duo knew it would take even more people to give Leap's books and authors, both old and new, the attention they needed. Delany contacted author Jennifer Murgia and asked her to come aboard as Marketing Director. With the addition of William Gee as CFO and additional team members to bolster the services they provide authors, the new Leap management team feels certain they can each focus on the things they do best.


Readers can look forward to edgy and memorable stories filled with characters who leap off the pages. Of special note is the new e-novella line, SHINE, headed up by Graves and specializing in YA and NA.


Authors of all YA and NA genres can submit through their agents to any of Leap's lines (submission details are HERE). And, this year to celebrate Delany's birthday in mid-October, Leap will open its doors for unagented stories for a brief period.


For now Delany suggests readers and writers alike leap into the contest running until August 8th at and says if you're serious about writing for a publisher, first give a few of their books a read.


Find Leap Books at all major online retailers and:



Enter our Rafflecopter contest to win three Leap e-books of your choice:



a Rafflecopter giveaway




Are Free Books slowly killing the industry?

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Hey everyone,

Today, I bring you a topic that's been rumbling behind the scenes of Indie Publishing for about a year now: FREE BOOKS!

We all do it. We all One-Click the heck out of books when Authors (myself included) run specials on their books or set their books to Perma-Free. But, how many of those FREE books do you actually ever read?

Here's a little background on the idea of free books and why it originally started.

Indie and Traditional Authors started listing books (most of the time it's the first book in the series) for free for a limited time or permanently free to be able to drive the sales in a series... in other words "hook" readers on the series so they were vested in the characters (hey, who doesn't like a free sampling of a great book now and again).

This marketing concept has been around for years, but it's only really taken on headway in the last few years. Now, however, there are more and more Authors hitting the epically intimidating 'publish' button. All of us, myself included, are looking for ways to stand out to our readers and potential readers. Whether it's spending upwards of $1000+ for a kick-ass cover or paying a monthly PR firm, we all try to find ways to spread the word of these novels and characters that we've invested so much of our time and energy into. Listing a book for 'free' is simply a way to be able to get put onto certain reader lists, allowed into certain blog/twitter/FB posts, or a way to get have people recommend your book to others.

Now, here let's get to the meat and potatoes of this little blog post: ARE FREE BOOKS EFFECTIVE?

Over the 4th of July holiday, I saw one-click freebie books everywhere. So, I ended up spending the better part of a day and half downloading books to my hearts content. Now, however, I have more than 80 new books in my already overstuff TBR.

The question is will I ever read any of those books? Will you ever read all the free books you download?

Now, I'm not saying that free books don't totally rock for the reader and anyway to get a good book into anyone's hands is an excellent thing. However, being an Author that has been on the opposite end of the free promotion.... I give you another insight:

I'm sure each of those authors that saw a spike in their sales (free) for those days were hoping that each and every one of those downloads would be read and subsequently that reader would buy the next book. But, the fact is, less than 1% of those books are going to be read and the main reason for offering the book for free has been taken away and it is making it harder and harder to justify running free promotions since the author is not getting any compensation for the cost of their covers, formatting, swag, and not to mention the time they devoted to writing the book.

Which leads to a much larger problem: free books flooding the market aren't being read and new, possibly excellent authors, aren't getting read because they have tried this risky marketing tactic.

What do you think? How many free books have you downloaded today? Yesterday? Or last month even? Of those- how many have you read?

Much love-



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