3 Types Of Direct Mail Marketing

The digital age has advanced the concepts of marketing to a targeted audience.  With the many social media platforms to choose from, it can be a reasonably straightforward process to create a site that customers can follow to hear about company updates, special sales, and new products or services.

However, businesses shouldn’t ditch traditional direct mail marketing in Naperville, or anywhere else for that matter, just to reduce advertising costs.  In truth, sending information about your products and services directly to a customer’s physical mailbox is an excellent way to build customer loyalty and generate repeat sales.

direct mail marketing in Naperville

If your business doesn’t have the tech-savvy help needed to set up successful digital marketing campaigns, consider the following types of advertising strategies guaranteed to boost sales and help your business reach its operational goals.

& Postcards

These single or half-page mailers are often used by businesses to promote specials, offer discounts, or inform customers of new products.  Furthermore, they can be a great way to follow up with a customer and encourage them to purchase similar products to the ones they already use.

Create flyers and postcards with promo codes to better track the success rate of multiple advertising campaigns and mailing lists.


Online shopping can be pretty overwhelming.  The buyer’s remorse one often feels due to their inexperience at online searches often makes catalogs a better way to guarantee a sale.  Shipping a physical catalog to a customer means that they always have the option to browse and make a purchase.

Additionally, many customers prefer to shop through physical catalogs with visually stunning graphics.


Advertising through “Thank You” letters is also a great way to build brand loyalty and generate repeat sales.  Customers prefer to shop with a company they are familiar with.