Getting A Job As A Butcher

If you like working with meat and serving the public then you may want to be a butcher. A butcher can work in many different locations. You can work in a restaurant preparing meat for the chef, you can work in a grocery store preparing meat for sale. No matter where you work of what you want to do as a butcher, having professional butcher supplies is key to your success.

professional butcher supplies

What does a butcher do?

A butcher is someone who works with preparing meat for sale in a store. They cut and prepare beef, pork, lamb and more cuts of meat for the public to buy. Some butchers are very specialized and only work with certain types of meat such as chicken or fish. But most butchers will work with many different meats from a variety of animals.

Butcher knives are the most important item you will need to be a successful butcher. You want to try and find a good quality knife set that comes with every size blade you will need when cutting meat. If your blades are dull or missing you will not get through the day without getting very frustrated and tired, so make sure to get a good set of knives to start with.

Next you will need a high-quality meat saw. You can cut factory-frozen meat and sausages, but they must be completely frozen before you start, and there is always more cuts of meat that customers want on the bone.

You will also need some cutting boards. You will want to get a high-quality cutting board because it will last longer and be less likely to warp when you are using your knives. The wood ones look a little nicer as well, so if you are going into business and need an awesome looking cutting area then the wood cutting boards would work great for that.

Butcher aprons are another item you will want to consider. You may not think they are necessary, but I can tell you firsthand that they come in very handy for keeping your clothes clean, and they also keep a sharp knife from accidentally slicing into your sides or legs.